Lee Sonof Keown  – Reiki Master – United Kingdom

Destiny is really supportive and friendly, she made me feel really comfortable, during the sessions when deeper stuff is coming up, she has a very settling energy and affect, helps you to feel happy and I found it quite nice. I found her energy fun and easy going and she didn’t push me too hard to get to the root of the issue, which made it feel easier if emotions come up, moving with you at your own pace. One of our sessions I had a crazy experience, I felt really refreshed and sensed such a huge shift in me and everything around me, I can’t really explain anymore, you will have to find out for yourself, If I were you I would definitely have a session, she is good, she knows what she is doing and Destiny is so friendly. Cheers, thank you.

Jarrod L’Estrange – Lean and Green Owner, Personal Trainer/Coach and Award Winning Vegan Body Builder, Author and Public Speaker – Australia

Who motivates the motivator? Destiny Fae, that’s who, i wanted to give this back to her as she has given me so much, my confidence, in my business it’s very important that I stay on top of any doubts about myself and the direction of my business, so the planning and accountability Destiny has assisted in providing for me to get things done, has done wonders, and progressed my business a lot further forward. Who she naturally is has given me a greater sense of faith in myself, and that’s just so important, it is very difficult to be all that you can be for others and create a business that affects so many people in a positive way, if you are not feeling great within yourself, and Destiny has given me that. I urge you to work with her, she will transform your beliefs about self, give you greater faith in the universe, she will give you the accountability and confidence you need, to take your self, personal development and business further.

Kate Bruce – Owner KCH Restorations – Australia

Destiny is a warm, gentle and approachable lady. Her sessions helped me beyond words and I have and will continue to recommend her and her services to everyone I know.

Cheryl Louise – Creative Director of Untame Your Flame, Facilitator of Free Expression at Zumba with Cheryl, Writer, Speaker, Messenger of Love – Australia

Destiny is a highly courageous woman with the spirit of a loving warrior. She has had the most profound impact on me through the embodiment of and commitment to her truth regardless of whether it is accepted or challenged by others.

Her energetic support and strong presence gave me the confidence to start exposing, loving and seeing the benefits of the aspects of myself that I had disowned and rejected in order to fit in with those around me.

Dominique Gray – Personal Trainer and Life Coach – Australia

Destiny  has helped shape the strong, determined, focused woman I am today. She leads by example and gives everything 100%. The coaching and mentoring has been absolutely phenomenal and the amount of positive changes that have occurred in my life since we have been working together has been fantastic. What I love the most is the accountability Destiny offers and her never give up attitude. I am beyond grateful to have her as my mentor. Thank you.

Lucinda Lu – Writer, Singer,  Traveler, Tarot Reader and Coach – Australia

Destiny has a rare, intuitive ability to get to the crux of the issue/blockage that otherwise could go unnoticed to self. Her content, programs, coaching and social media platforms house relevant timely universal insights and her one-on-one’s provide a safe, warm environment with no judgement. The online community she has built has become an incredible support network for those aspiring to aid their growth, spirituality and purpose, particularly for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to make a living doing what they love. Destiny is a touchstone for me, one that I’d highly recommend to anyone who isn’t afraid to get under the hood of their own car and boldly move forward in their life.

Joe Figliano – Self Healing Coach (At The Power within) and Visionary Co Creator of Lovefest – Australia

Destiny is very intuitive and inspiring. A reading with her showed me clear insights that helped to clear my own blocks and make a very important decision for myself. I highly recommend Destiny for coaching, intuitive reading and public speaking.

Orion Arata – Visionary Artist – United States

The session was a gentle combination of mind and body work. Healing on many levels with compassion and light. I feel myself moving away from fear and allowing love and peace to grow. Destiny offers a very valuable service.

Chris Wong Hang Sun – Networker, Amazon seller and Forex Trader – United Kingdom

Destiny is one of a kind… From the moment I started talking to her I felt this inner peace come over me – one key thing I noticed was… SHE ACTUALLY LISTENED! Wasn’t trying to interject or place her views upon me but genuinely tried her best to provide value.

All I know is, I’ve spoken to many people, yet very few actually walk the walk… Her words carry her souls’ intention, couldn’t have asked for more and frankly – I’m proud and utterly blessed to be connected with this beautiful soul.

Jonathan Spencer – Artist, Musician and Networker – United States

From the moment I met Destiny I knew that she was going to be a pivotal part of my Ascension process. I have been on a path of healing discovery for less than a year now and the amount of healing that has occurred since our meeting is phenomenal. She has succinctly expressed many advanced concepts in easy to understand and digest method, fully integrating the information with gentle love and kindness. Her non-judgemental attitude and grateful gentle heart has shown me the depth of the human capacity to love and be loved. Together we have done several healing practices to remove blocks/karma from my etheric field and I now feel much lighter and joyous! We embarked on an inquiry to my inner child and helped to understand that he isn’t wrong/a victim/bad and that he can relax and play. The healing has significantly accelerated since our meeting and I am eternally grateful to her/our guides/source for the amazing opportunity for growth and expansion. We have been on an incredible adventure together through many dimensions of reality and have trans versed both the inner and outer planes, faced challenges, and supported each other unconditionally. She is an amazing coach and I recommend strongly to sign up for her sessions! With deep love and respect, Namaste Destiny

Melissa Morrison Winegar  –  Networker and Healer – United States

I had the amazing fortune to have gotten a card reading from Destiny. The reading really helped to confirm that I am on the right path. She read my past , present, future and two extra cards that showed up to give extra clarity. I feel that Destiny’s insights really hit the mark. She definitely helped me to identify and clear some blockages.

I was reassured by both the cards and Destiny that I am very supported by the universe in my journey. That feeling really helps me to move beyond fear and step into love so I can accomplish my purpose. You can feel how Destiny is centered, grounded , and confident in her readings. I can sense that she is a pure conduit for spirit to come through and work its magic. With her help I now feel more centered and confident the choices I am making in my life. Thank you Destiny for shining your light bright and helping others to find their light.

Namaste – Melissa

Laura Francis –  Author, Speaker, Mentor and Queen Of The 6 Figure Mindset – Australia

I had a reading with Destiny Fae that totally blew my mind. She is an extraordinary intuitive and blessed soul who can see through to your source and be your guiding light. After our session I had so much clarity about my purpose and path that I just knew I was on the right track.

Thank you Destiny Fae. You are a true Angel.

Christopher Evans – United States

The reading I had done provided me with the exact guidance I was looking for. Destiny Fae has the gift of awareness and intuition as well as the experience to be able to utilize that gift to assist others along their path home.

Or at the least she showed up on my journey at a time to provide me with powerful guidance in perfect alignment with where I feel I am at present.

Thank you so much for your service.

Mary Shelton – Yoga Teacher and Traveler – United States

As a tarot card reader, Destiny is very intuitive and extremely thorough! Will be coming back to her for another reading.

Shane Watkins-Window – Video, Sound and Musician – Australia

I was drawn in to make contact with this incredible being. Her name, image & vibration is just the beginning of what Destiny has for anyone who’s looking for answers. Whether you are seeking guidance, advice or information to help you on your own journey. Destiny is without a doubt someone who can guide you! 😊. I myself have barely scratched the surface and already have discovered the same amount of stuff in a few months than I have learnt my whole life beforehand! I believe it was truly in my destiny to meet Destiny & it could be yours as well

Jack Jafayehl Rinkeberg – Source Healer Inc Seichem and Reiki, Mentor/Teacher, Soul Path and DNA Activator and Meditation Facilitator – Australia

With all the magick of the year Destiny’s passion and LOVE for all she does is unparalleled and at the forefront of embodying your truth of what it is to be free form in expression.. progressive in being your highest excitement and experiencing life more from your essence than the overlayed old paradigm system.. BEing your best version into a New Earth New You from heart.. the unique beautiful YOU.

Katrina Heron – Psychic and Compassionate Carer – Australia

An amazing being of light. Super knowledgeable and supportive of the New Earth. Destiny comes from a place of Unconditional Love with no judgement so you can truly be your Authentic True Self in her presence. With this ability she then also can give you the best information for your next steps/tools to help you with
Your ascension process. ♡

Zoe Bell – Author, Jedi Coach, Sensual Alchemist, Soul Stylist and Yoga Instructor – Australia

There are very unique souls that are blessed with intuitive and psychic gifts, and that have the ability to communicate in a clear, direct and articulate way so that these messages guided by spirit touch the heart and soul of the individual. Destiny is one of those souls, guided by her divine soul calling and living her truth from within her heart. I would highly recommend her services, for more clarity, insight into questions that you are wanting more light shone upon. So that you feel more empowered and guided to make the choices aligned with your own heart and soul. Thank you Destiny for expressing the Sovereign Being that you came here to BE. x

Emyli Marantz – Visionary, Yoga Teacher – United States

Destiny has such a kind heart and powerful soul intuition & knowingness. She Knows what you need to hear…just ask – and receive her wisdom & love! Love this sistar! Her words and presence was so encouraging and affirming for me, supporting my empowerment. She will hear you and see you.

Kenneth Graham – Video Engineer, Master Coffee Roaster, Bariatric Patient, Drone Pilot, Veteran USAF, HFT Logistics – United States

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Destiny Fae brings this to life and shows us all how to live as the Pleidians we really are.

Ke Li – Spiritual Coach – Australia

Destiny is one very gifted soul. She has very big heart and full of compassion
she is an action taker and knows the means to achieve her dreams of destiny and she bring her wisdom to her clients through her unique psychic gifts, channeling abilities and healing abilities

I had pleasure to experience a reading session with her and I appreciate the honesty and purity in her energy that she give into the reading. I recommend her to every one who need clarity and guidance from their soul and the spirit teams .

Thomas Mcalpine – Software Architect at The S7 Foundation & Noomap, humanitarian and global co creator – Spain

I had an energy/activation session with Destiny.. there was a myriad of crystals surrounding us, she sensed the misalignment I was experiencing without me having to explain anything. A truly gifted individual full of light and joy.. I was in a state of bliss and tranquility for days afterwards. Thank you Destiny.

Brittney Johnson – Founder at Fruit The World, Owner at Top of the Mountain and Co-founder at Triple Bottom Line, Mother, Global Co-Creator, Activist and Visionary – United States

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Destiny on multiple fronts over the course of the past year…I am extremely grateful for her drive and passion, her ability to show up and listen while offering tools to assist your growth and expansion. She has shown up as a consultant and guide, a clear channel, and beautiful soul sister. So grateful for her showing up in my life as a divine reflection…Thank you, Destiny. You are so appreciated. Mahalo nui loa 

Aansan Yeh – Artist, Dancer, Life Alignment Therapist and Global Co-creator – Netherlands 

I am grateful to have received a very insightful reading from Destiny. She has strong abilities to give clear and direct guidance to any of your questions and express her intuitive seeing. Both her life experience and her high level of conscious awareness, shine through the guidance and wisdom that she is offering in a very generous way. I feel that Destiny’s natural enthusiasm, positive energy and expressiveness are very powerful! Thank you for walking this path with so much passion and dedication! 🦋🦋

Chris Wick – Brand-building professional, Creative writer, and Visionary – United States

Truly, I don’t even know where to begin because Destiny is such a truly amazing person and gifted soul. Her abilities transcend a higher consciousness to Enlighten illuminate and help all other human beings lead and live a life of prosperity in all aspects. I look forward to working with her again. 5/5 🌟

Rob Uzzell – Transformational Film Maker, Visionary, Humanitarian, Global Traveler and Co-creator – United Kingdom

Having lived with Destiny in an intentional community the first thing I can say about her is that her intentions are not merely thus. She delivers all the time. Destiny not only delivers but amazes with her care and consideration of others and by going the extra mile. I remember many occasions where Destiny would be making a smoothie – and not just any smoothie but one packed with all sorts of goodies and superfoods – she never made it just for herself but always for others.

She is someone who lives daily in service, who likes to talk yes!! – But actually walks the walk! I worked with Destiny in many areas and am so thrilled to be able to say I know I will again. Whether it be her knowledge of marketing and strategies for really maximizing your pursuits or for energy work and healing. She always steps it up and is beyond determined, beyond trying. Her ability to work in so many different areas of life is also testament to her own discipline and remarkable courage to push through areas that often take people half their lives. She lives day to day, moment to moment, always studious and working on her own self-awareness whilst gifting all she learns to all she surrounds herself with.

Destiny is courage personified, she lives with trust in life and surrendering to the Universal will has pushed herself to the limits and she surpasses them often enough I would like to point to her as someone who proves we can grow exponentially, evolve faster than schools teach us, and realize that we are so very capable of more than we think we are. On a personal note, Destiny is a dear friend and has also been there for me when I have not been at my best. And without judgement she sees me for me which I thank her for dearly with all my heart.

Destiny, I honor you, I empower you to be who you are. Thank you so much for all you have given freely and with love. I am a better man for people like you. Mahalo nui loa x

Sara Sara – Visionary, Humanitarian and Traveler – Spain

I had a reading with this lovely soul and I can say that it was magical, very attuned and caring. Do not hesitate to do it if you resonate with her energy. Thank you Destiny and blessings always 

Matthew Carter Davidson – Author, Masseur, Trainer and Jewelry maker – Hawaii

Not long ago I spent some time with Destiny, I got guidance, readings and coaching. Her energy is very calm soothing and grounding. Really helped me. Destiny has a way of accepting all that is and encouraging someone’s goodness. The rationale is very logical and spiritual. I’m looking forward to spending more time with her.

Hannah Borababy – Tantric Healing Artist at Temple Gaia – United States

I loved my coaching session with Destiny Fae! She’s incredibly intuitive and on point, able to give clear spiritual guidance while grounding it in with powerful affirmations and action steps to help bring my healing empire to the next level. Definitely worth my time, energy, and investment. Thanks, sister!

 Donovan Gall – Number Vibrationalist – Australia

I had the greatest joy in receiving an amazing intuitive. reading from Destiny at a time in my life I was seeking some clear guidance. To use the word ‘clear’ is an understatement. She is a very powerful and authentic channel of Divine guidance and information that is astoundingly accurate. The synchronicities that came through her reading for what was happening in my life at the time of the reading were simply mind-blowing. Destiny delivers her readings with such love, empathy, compassion and beauty, and with the utmost humility and honesty rarely found. This makes her client feel safe and valued, and she is of the most trustworthy source, due to her highly developed intuitive abilities, and her own very strong connection with Spirit and her high vibrational frequency – I could literally even ‘hear’ the high frequency coming down the line in the audio of the in the video reading she sent me. Do yourself and your soul a favour, and connect with Destiny – you will not regret it! Thank You infinitely Destiny for all that you are, and all that you do in lifting the vibration of the planet, as an important catalyst in our human and global ascension. I appreciate you so very much. Lots of Love. Donovan. Xoxo